Oulton Broad, Norfolk

Oulton Broad tide times

March 2023

Oulton Broad tide times

Date High tide High tide
Fri24 02:112.7m 14:502.4m
Sat25 02:532.7m 15:272.3m
Sun26 04:352.6m 17:042.2m
Mon27 05:202.4m 17:422.2m
Tue28 06:122.3m 18:252.1m
Wed29 07:282.1m 19:222.0m
Thu30 09:052.0m 20:442.0m
Fri31 10:292.1m 21:582.0m

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April 2023

Oulton Broad tide times

Date High tide High tide
Sat01 11:452.1m 23:062.1m
Sun02 12:322.2m 23:582.2m
Mon03 13:062.2m
Tue04 00:372.3m 13:322.3m
Wed05 01:112.4m 13:572.3m
Thu06 01:462.4m 14:232.3m
Fri07 02:212.5m 14:522.4m
Sat08 02:572.5m 15:242.4m
Sun09 03:332.5m 15:582.4m
Mon10 04:112.5m 16:342.3m
Tue11 04:512.4m 17:132.3m
Wed12 05:402.3m 18:002.2m
Thu13 06:442.2m 18:592.1m
Fri14 08:242.2m 20:132.1m
Sat15 10:012.2m 21:332.1m
Sun16 11:142.3m 22:422.2m
Mon17 12:112.4m 23:402.3m
Tue18 12:552.4m
Wed19 00:312.5m 13:322.4m
Thu20 01:192.6m 14:092.4m
Fri21 02:042.6m 14:452.4m
Sat22 02:492.6m 15:222.4m
Sun23 03:332.5m 15:582.4m

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Things to see and do near Oulton Broad

If you're planning a visit to Oulton Broad, you'll find that there are plenty of things to see and do in the surrounding area. Here are just a few ideas to help you make the most of your trip.

Please let us know if you have any feedback or suggestions!

  • Explore the Broads – Take a boat out to explore the Broads and experience the tranquil beauty of the area. Enjoy the views of reed beds, wetlands, and picturesque villages as you cruise along.
  • Take a Walk – Stroll along the banks of Oulton Broad to take in the views of the broads and the surrounding area. Enjoy the scenery, wildlife, and a variety of flora and fauna.
  • Visit Somerleyton Hall – Step back in time and explore the stunning stately home of Somerleyton Hall. Admire the Victorian architecture, gardens, and art collections.
  • Birdwatching – Look out for a variety of bird species on the broads, such as swans, geese, and ducks. Scan the sky for birds of prey, such as buzzards, sparrowhawks, and kestrels.
  • Enjoy Watersports – Enjoy a range of watersports, such as sailing, windsurfing, and kayaking.
  • Visit the Butterfly and Wildlife Park – Take a trip to the nearby Butterfly and Wildlife Park to experience the beauty and variety of the natural world.
  • Visit a Local Farm – Get up close and personal with farm animals at one of the local farms. See cows, sheep, pigs, and other animals in their natural habitats.
  • Take a Tour – Take a guided tour of Oulton Broad and learn about its fascinating history. Discover the stories behind the area and its people.
  • Visit the Nature Reserve – Head to the Oulton Marshes Nature Reserve to explore the diverse range of habitats and wildlife. Spot birds, butterflies, and other wildlife.
  • Enjoy the Beach – Relax and enjoy the stunning views of the beach at Oulton Broad. Swim, sunbathe, and explore the shoreline.
  • Visit Local Attractions – Visit some of the local attractions, such as the Africa Alive Zoo, Pleasurewood Hills Theme Park, and the East Anglian Railway Museum.
  • Visit the Museums – Explore the many museums in the area, including the Oulton Broad Museum, the Norwich Castle Museum, and the Gressenhall Farm and Workhouse Museum.
  • Go Shopping – Take a trip to the local shops and pick up souvenirs, gifts, and other items.
  • Take a Boat Trip – Take a boat trip around the broads and explore the area from a different perspective.
  • Go Fishing – Enjoy the peaceful atmosphere and the natural beauty of the broads while fishing for carp, roach, and pike.

There are many things to see and do near Oulton Broad. Whether you're interested in history, nature, or outdoor activities, you'll find plenty of ways to enjoy your time in the area!